15s Mid-Season All-Stars

In between qualifying season and the start of national championship season, we are checking in to see which players have been at the top of our list with our Mid-Season All-Stars. We’ve already put out our lists for the 17s and 16s divisions and that brings us to the 15s.

The picks are subjective and based on our observations up until this point in the season. To us, these players are not only standout players and have performed at a high level, their respective teams have also enjoyed a certain level of success with it. It can be challenging at times to choose between such skilled and talented players and unfortunately many more were left off than selected.

At the conclusion of the season we’ll be releasing our Club All-Americans along with Honorable Mentions. However, for the Mid-Season All-Star selections there are no honorable mentions, just our picks for All-Stars. Congrats to those named!

15s Mid-Season All-Stars


Henley Anderson AP 15 Adidas

Gabi Divita Legacy 15-1 Adidas

Layla Hoying Mintonette Sports m.51

Audrey Flanagan SCVC 15 Roxy

Cali Foster Boiler Jrs 15 Gold


Keoni Williams Skyline 15 Royal

Audrey Dyas NKYVC 15-1 Tsunami

Kayla Nwabueze Legacy 15-1 Adidas

Kinsley Young TAV 15 Black

Ella Andrews Legacy 15-1 Adidas


Willow Weninger Pohaku 15-1

Taylor Clarke Skyline 15 Royal

Danielle Whitmire TAV 15 Black S/RS

Caroline Ward Boiler Jrs 15 Gold

Brooke Harwood Arizona Storm 15 Thunder


Sydney Lund Austin Skyline 15 Royal

Mallory Matheny Mintonette Sports m.51

Genevieve Harris Academy 15 Diamond

Milly McGee SCVC 15 Roxy

Lexi Shondell Boiler Jrs 15 Gold


Ella Grimes Elevation 15 Tony

Cala Haffner Team Pineapple 15 Black

Ellie Hepler Boiler Jrs 15 Gold

Meredith Martin Legacy 15-1 Adidas

Emma Cugino Mintonette Sports m.51