Central Zone: All-Tournament Teams

A two-day tournament, the Central Zone Invitational is not a national qualifier but features many teams which we’ll see down the road in their respective Open Divisions this summer in Chicago. It made for a great weekend taking in as much action as we could possibly catch. Below, is the vballrecruiter.com All-Tournament team from Central Zone. The picks are based on our observations from the weekend.

Allie Shondell (15), Boiler Jrs 17 Gold

17s All-Tournament Team

OH: Alaleh Tolliver Academy 17 Tsunami

OH: Charlotte Moriarty Adidas KiVA 17 Red

OH: Emma McCartney AVC Cle 17 Red

OH: Lauren Harden Rev 17-1 Raptors

MB: Ava Kanj Maverick 17 Elite

MB: Faith Young Tri-State Elite 17 Blue

MB: Riley Resmer Boiler Jrs 17 Gold

RS: Sophia Adkins Tri-State Elite 17 Blue

RS: Elise Marchal Elevation 17 Ulland

RS: Riley Whitlock Boiler Jrs 17 Gold

S: Abby Yoder NKYVC 17-1 Tsunami

S: Allie Shondell Boiler Jrs 17 Gold

L/DS: Alleigh Dutton Circle City 17 Purple

L/DS: Elizabeth Tabeling NKYVC 17-1 Tsunami


Campbell Flynn (2), Legacy 16-1 Adidas

16s All-Tournament Team

OH: Abby Vander Wal 1st Alliance 16 Gold

OH: Izzy Busignani Mich Elite 16 Mizuno

OH: Madison Quest MKE Sting 16 Gold

OH: Addison Tindall Team Pineapple 16 Black

MB: Tara Greenberry HPSTL 16 Royal

MB: Addison Makun Adidas KiVA 16 Red

MB: Reese Dunkle Circle City 16 Purple

RS: Gabriella Babinski Mich Elite 16 Mizuno

RS: Jillian Tippmann Team Pineapple 16 Black

S/RS: Annabelle Groomes AVC Cle 16 Red

S/RS: Addison Horner 1st Alliance 16 Gold

S: Campbell Flynn Legacy 16-1 Adidas

S: Hannah Kenny 1st Alliance 16 Gold

S: Ava Hunter Circle City 16 Purple

S: Ally Hughes Tri-State Elite 16 Blue

L/DS: Francescu Popescu A5 16 Gabe

L/DS: McKenna Payne Mich Elite 16 Mizuno

L/DS: Olivia Durst MKE Sting 16 Gold

L/DS: Avery Freeman Circle City 16 Purple


Ellie Hepler (3), Boiler Jrs 15 Gold

15s All-Tournament Team

OH: Sidney Sprada Elevation 15 Tony

OH: Natalie Surges MKE Sting 15 Gold

OH: Gabi DiVita Legacy 15-1 Adidas

OH: Layla Hoying OH Mintonette Sports m.51

MB: Reese Resmer Boiler Jrs 15 Gold

MB: Kennedy Tisdale MKE Sting 15 Gold

MB: Ella Andrews Legacy 15-1 Adidas

MB: Kayla Nwabueze Legacy 15-1 Adidas

RS: Haley Wilson AVC Cle 15 Red

RS: Caroline Ward Boiler Jrs 15 Gold

S/RS: Brooke Baldwin MKE Sting 15 Gold

S: Makenna Kirlin Elevation 15 Tony

S: Lexi Shondell Boiler Jrs 15 Gold

S: Mallory Matheny Mintonette Sports m.51

S: Sophia Gisslen Team Pineapple 15 Black

L/DS: Ellie Hepler Boiler Jrs 15 Gold

L/DS: Cala Haffner Team Pineapple 15 Black

L/DS: Ella Grimes Elevation 15 Tony

L/DS: Emma Cugino Mintonette Sports m.51


Morgan Meiring (9), Elevation 14 Molly

14s All-Tournament Team

OH: Morgan Meiring Elevation 14 Molly

OH: Shaye Witherspoon Rockwood Thunder 14 Elite

OH: Bryn Meyer Mintonette Sports m.41

OH: Brooke Codey Adidas KiVA 14 Red

MB: Kyla Williams AVC Cle 14 Red

MB: Cynthia Ockerman Legacy 14-1 Adidas

MB: Emily Poteraj Adidas KiVA 14 Red

MB/RS: Lilly Tierney NKYVC 14-1 Tsunami

RS: Lilah Anthony Adidas KiVA 14 Red

RS: Audrey Davis Circle City 14 Purple

S/RS: Peyton Heatherly Lions 14-1

S/RS: Kendall Hubbard Elevation 14 Molly

S: Marissa Jones A5 14 Helen

S: Addison Hurley Adidas KiVA 14 Red

L/DS: Lindsey Curless Elevation 14 Tony

L/DS: Leah Kille Mintonette Sports m.41

L/DS: Peyton Wollman MKE Sting 14 Gold