Get ready for the biggest VIP volleyball event of 2024!

The Red Hat Games is a 3-day exclusive invite-only volleyball event and tournament taking place on December 20-22, 2024 in Dallas, TX. The Vballrecruiter team will be traveling the nation to identify the top volleyball athletes in the country to be invited to the 2nd annual Red Hat Games event. Want to get invited? Make sure you fill out this form so you’re on the Red Hat Games scouting radar!

About The Red Hat Games

Watch our recap video from the first ever The Red Hat Games which took place in December 2023 in Dallas, TX! We are excited to make 2024’s event even more epic.

See Who's Been Invited

See the up-to-date official invite list to see who has already been invited to the Red Hat Games. Our team is attending tournaments across the country to find the top athletes in the nation to invite to the Red Hat Games. 

What do we have planned for the Red Hat Games?


Friday Dec. 15, 2023

  • Vballrecruiter Welcome & Check In at 8am
  • High School Coaches & Team Announcements 
  • Gear Distro
  • Headshots & Player Interviews
  • Practices Begin 
  • Breakout Sessions for MS & HS
    • Dustin Watten & TJ Sanders Noezybuckets – Scouting Reports by Position
    • Sports Psych Team Bonding Exercises
    • Build Your Brand Workshop with Kara Hill aka Vballrecruiter
    • TikTok Choreography 


Saturday Dec. 16, 2023

  • Mindset Opening at 7am
  • Tournament – Pool Play at 8am
  • Headshots & Player Interviews Cont.


Sunday Dec. 17, 2023

  • High School Final Matches – DJ & Emcee
  • NCAA Division 1 Watch Party at 1pm
  • TikTok Dance
  • Winning Teams Announced
  • Top Performers Awards
  • Closing at 5pm


Breakout Sessions with NOEZYBUCKETS

Dustin Watten - NOEZYBUCKETS

Dustin Watten


Dustin Watten is a World Cup Champion with Team USA, the founder of noezybuckets, a 13x professional libero, currently playing in the Polish League for Luk Lublin.

On Saturday, Dustin will take the liberos through a scouting report of the NCAA Final 4 servers and teach the liberos how to build a scouting report like a pro. Dustin will show the liberos the 11 cues and tells he looks for when scouting a servers, why it’s important to build a plan and to empower the liberos to take more responsibility in leading serve receive and how they can move their reception line in accordance with the scouting report they create. Each athlete will ‘embody’ a libero in the Final 4 and create a scouting report as if they were to play in the Final 4.

TJ Sanders


TJ is a 2x Olympian setter for Team Canada, a Polish Cup Champion and a Bronze medalist at the 2017 World League where he ranked statistically as the top setter. TJ is now working as a setting coach for the men’s and women’s senior national team for Canada and privately with High School and Collegiate setters.

On Saturday TJ will take the setters into a deep dive into the blocking systems of each team through video analysis, beginning with looking at each teams strengths and weaknesses and ways to exploit them. With the setters, they will assess how the individual players (blockers) respond within that system and what the differences are player to player. Finally, they will look at how the offense attacks that blocking system and whether or not it is successful.


Josh Brecheisen


Josh played volleyball at BYU and was part of the 2004 national championship. Josh then went on to join a group of mindset coaches called Extreme Focus, which has produced 4 Major League Baseball MVPs. In 2019, Josh took this mindset coaching to the world of volleyball. Known as the VBMindsetter, Josh works with professional, adult, and youth players, using his signature Game Ready pre-game mental performance technique. Top achievements include working with Dustin Watten to go from #22 to arguably the #1 passing libero in the world, and Zoe Fleck to become First-Team All-American and winning the 2022 National Championship.

On Saturday Josh will conduct a small group session introducing the athletes to the Game Ready visualization technique and go over the science, studies and benefits of visualization for athletes. On Sunday, Josh will lead the entire gym through a Game Ready visualization before the first match, he will lead the group with a similar version that he did with Zoe Fleck throughout her run to becoming a National Champion.

Want to get invited?

Want to get noticed by the Vballrecruiter team? Fill out this form to get the process started, and you could be one of the elite volleyball players to receive an invite to the Red Hat Games.

Frequently Asked Questions

Vballrecruiter is hosting Elite ID Clinics throughout the country to provide athletes with an opportunity to Get on Our Radar. Our team has to see you compete in person for you to be invited. 

The athletes who are invited are among the top players in the country.

No. However, when we are at events we are doing the best we can to make it around to see players compete. This is where the Elite ID Clinic can give you an advantage to be seen in person.

We have a selection panel made up of club coaches from around the country who make suggestions and meet with us regularly. We are also on the road each week throughout the season to cover as much ground as possible.

We have selected many top coaches with impressive resumes and strong finishes throughout many years. We will announce coaches throughout the year leading up to the event who will be joining us.