USAV 16-17 Open:’s All-Tournament Teams

We are pleased to present’s 16 and 17 Open All-Tournament Team from the USAV Girls Junior National Championships in Chicago. After covering the divisions for four days we were presented with the challenge of putting together the selections.

This is not to be confused with the honors awarded by USAV itself at the conclusion of the championship match. These picks are made from our observations and our observations alone. It would be easy to add more to each position or even include honorable mentions, but that’s something we do at the end of the year with our Club All-Americans. As for the All-Tournament Team selections, they are meant to be limited and difficult to make given all the talented players.

To narrow the selections, we honored players from the Top 16 finishers, or the teams which advanced as far as the challenge rounds. We want to keep a team element to the award and making the challenge round is a strong indicator of team success. The process does leave amazing players off, even some of the best in the field! But if we were to pick solely based on talent, we could pick the team ahead of time as we know in advance who many of the talented players are competing.

Congrats to those named to this year’s All-Tournament Teams.


Teraya Sigler Arizona Storm 16 Thunder
Abby Vander Wal 1st Alliance 16 Gold
Suli Davis Drive Nation 16 Red
Asia Harvey A5 16 Gabe
Kelly Kinney Tribe 16 Elite Cardinal
Madison Quest OH MKE Sting 16 Gold

Natalie Wardlow Nebraska One 16 Synergy
Jordan Taylor HJV 16 Elite
Bayleigh Minor Hou Skyline 16 Royal
Reese Dunkle Circle City 16 Purple
Zoe Gillen-Malveaux Drive Nation 16 Red
Kenna Cogill MB Arizona Storm 16 Thunder

Taylor Porter Hou Skyline 16 Royal
Camryn Jeffery A5 16 Gabe
Taryn Morris Drive Nation 16 Red
Addison Horner 1st Alliance 16 Gold (S/RS)

Charlotte Glass Tribe 16 Elite Cardinal
Kassidy O’Brien Hou Skyline 16 Royal
Tenesyn Frye ID Crush 16 Bower
Malorie Boesiger Nebraska One 16 Synergy

Sydney Black HJV 16 Elite
Keri Leimbach Nebraska One 16 Synergy
Elizabeth Bower ID Crush 16 Bower
Zoey Matias Tribe 16 Elite Cardinal



Skyler Pierce Dynasty 17 Black
Cari Spears TAV 17 Black
Kendall Beshear SCVC 17 Roxy
Emerson Sellman Metro 17 Travel
Ellie White 1st Alliance 17 Gold
Grace Nelson 1st Alliance 17 Gold

Jaela Auguste Hou Skyline 17 Royal
Ayden Ames Drive Nation 17 Red
Favor Anyanwu TAV 17 Black
Julia Hunt NKYVC 17-1 Tsunami
Jenna Hanes Wave 17 Juliana
Jade Dudley-Epps SCVC 17 Roxy

Ryan Hunter Triangle 17 Black
Abigail Mullen Dynasty 17 Black
Jadyn Livings TAV 17 Black
Izzy Starck Co Jrs 17 Kevin (S/RS)

Reese Messer Dynasty 17 Black
Taylor Yu SG Elite 17 Rosh
Charlie Fuerbringer Mizuno Long Beach 17 Rockstar
Taylor Parks OT 17 Aaron

Taylor Deckert SCVC 17 Roxy
Ava Falduto 1st Alliance 17 Gold
Gillian Pitts TAV 17 Black
Ryan McAleer Dynasty 17 Black