USAV 16 Open: All Red Hat Team

It was a wild ride through 16 Open at USAV nationals. The unpredictability ultimately ended with SCVC 16 Roxy capturing the gold medal after defeating 1st Alliance 16 Gold in the championship match. You can read about that here. Below, we present our All Red Hat Team for the division. It’s our version of an all-tournament team. Given the depth of competition, we limited our selections from the Top 12 finishers.



Audrey Flanagan SCVC 16 Roxy

Samantha Destler SCVC 16 Roxy

Abby Zimmerman SCVC 16 Roxy

Natalie Surges 1st Alliance 16 Gold

Simone Heard Skyline 16 Royal

Taylor Clarke Skyline 16 Royal

Grace Martin Pohaku 16-1

Willow Weninger Pohaku 16-1

Westley Matavao Forza1 North 16 One

Gabby Divita Legacy 16-1 Adidas

Marlee Sivak OH MKE Sting 16 Gold

Alicia Beers MKE Sting 16 Gold

Reese Wilbrun Austin Skyline 16 Royal

Henley Anderson Austin Skyline 16 Royal

Riley Malloy Austin Skyline 16 Royal

Makenna Crosson Vision 16 Gold

Layla Hoying Mintonette Sports m.61

Sara Snowbarger Mintonette Sports m.61

Finley Krystkowiak Wave 16 Scott



Lynney Tarnow 1st Alliance 16 Gold

Alaina Pollard 1st Alliance 16 Gold

Keoni Williams Skyline 16 Royal

Nina Hemsley Forza1 North 16 One

Ella Andrews Legacy 16-1 Adidas

Kayla Nwabueze Legacy 16-1 Adidas

Kinsley Young TAV 16 Black

Alia Schoonover Mintonette Sports m.61



Milly McGee SCVC 16 Roxy

Nikolija Bulatovic 1st Alliance 16 Gold

Ella Florez Pohaku 16-1

Eva Long Legacy 16-1 Adidas

Brooke Baldwin MKE Sting 16 Gold

Danielle Whitmire TAV 16 Black

Anna Flores TAV 16 Black

Sydney Lund Austin Skyline 16 Royal

Mallory Matheny Mintonette Sports m.61



Kaitlyn Herweg SCVC 16 Roxy

Lucy Maloney 1st Alliance 16 Gold

Kiley Brooks Skyline 16 Royal

Mya Capistrano Forza1 North 16 One

Meredith Martin Legacy 16-1 Adidas

Cassidy Bruns MKE Sting 16 Gold

Julianna Hernandez TAV 16 Black

Emma Cugino Mintonette Sports m.61

Presley Thompson Wave 16 Scott