USAV 17s: Day 3 Show Stoppers

Everyone knew the stakes at this point of the tournament, as Day 3 at the USAV Girls Junior National Championships in Chicago brought the 17s to the brink of bracket play and a potential spot on the podium. With it came tremendous individual efforts as highlighted below with our daily Show Stoppers.


By Chris Tobolski and Christine Phillips

Ayden Ames MB Drive Nation 17 Red: Ames – a 5-star Nebraska recruit – is a menace in the middle. Her length and agility is a combo most opponents struggle to slow, as she can get on the slide and deliver haymakers.

Hannah Benjamin OH A5 17 Jing: Benjamin – a 5-star Kentucky commit – is a dangerous threat anywhere on the court. She’s a springy outside with a big arm who can blast balls sideline to sideline.

Caroline Byrne OH Rage Westside 17 Kimmy: Bryne was bringing it on the outside. She’s an aggressive attacker with a strong arm.

Grace Killion OH HPSTL 17 Royal: Killion is a hard-hitting outside with a heavy arm. She was hammering balls down and providing steady offense.

Ellie Moore S Northeast 17 Open: Moore is part of sister setting-duo. She has nice hands with a consistent release. She can also set tempo and spread the ball around.

Aubrey Moore S Northeast 17 Open: Moore is similar, also showing a soft touch and steady location and does well getting her feet to the ball.

Jenna Hanes MB Wave 17 Juliana: Hanes – a 4-star Michigan commit – brings a lot to the front row. From her scoring ability to her blocking and competitiveness, she’s a dynamic middle who plays a key role whenever she checks in.

Camdyn Stucky S Shockwave 17 Black: Stucky, a 4-star Tennessee commit, is a fun 5-1 setter to watch on the court. She connects incredibly well with her hitters and isn’t afraid to attack at the net. 

Sydney Mayfield RS VA Juniors 17 Elite: Mayfield is a physical presence on the court both offensively and defensively. 

Isabel Ostvig S/RS VA Juniors 17 Elite: Ostvig, a Maryland Baltimore County commit, is an upbeat two-way player who sets and hits well. She has a nice release and locates well and can also help out providing offense.

Blaykli Bobik OH ARIZONA STORM 17 THUNDER: Bobik, a 4-star recruit committed to BYU, brings the heat on the outside. She can unleash with a fury.

Petra Fritz OH DCVA 17-Hong: Fritz, a six-rotation 3-star recruit, is an aggressive attacker who takes big swings everywhere.

Anna Blaine S TX LEGACY 17 ELITE: Blaine, a Texas State commit, dishes well on the court. She also is a defensive wall in the front row. 

Hadley Hardersen Iowa PowerPlex 17U Black: Hardersen is a dual contributor on the court. She connects well in the back row with her hitters and in the front row this lefty can pack a punch offensively. 

Leilia Toailoa OH Vegas Aces 17 UnderArmour: Toailoa, a 3-star committed to Alabama, is a huge presence on the court. She hits with lots of power that defenses really struggle with.

Ale Romo S Areté 16 Navy Telos: Fun fact, Romo, who normally swings on the outside, stepped into the setting position this week. And she is doing a great job dishing her hitters. Defensively she is making some scrappy plays. 

Jenna Meitzler S/RS Sky High-Adidas 17 Elite: Meitzler, an Iowa commit, is a smooth setter who connects well with her hitters along with being a force at the net offensively.. 

Caelyn Emmerling OH TAV Houston 17 Adidas: Emmerling, 3-star Texas State commit, swings well everywhere on the court and knows how to keep pressure on defenses.

Chloe Morgan MB TAV Houston 17 Adidas: Morgan, a 3-star recruit committed to Loyola Chicago, has a quick arm and can beat blocks on the middle attacks. 

Victoria Staples MB Zona VBC 17-1: Staples has long arms and reaches well on defense. When she gets on top of the ball she can crush.