Central Zone: 14 Open All Red Hat Team

Our last item when it comes our coverage of the Central Zone Invitational is releasing the 14 Open All Red Hat Team. We’ve already put out the Day 1 and Day 2 Show Stoppers, as well as the Gold Medal Rundown. Below, we wrap up with the All Red Hat Team for 14 Open. It’s our version of an All-Tournament team, featuring the players who made us take the most notice among the teams which finished in the Top 12.

17 Open All Red Hat Team 

16 Open All Red Hat Team

15 Open All Red Hat Team 


Vanessa Mancini Circle City 14 Purple
Audrey Utterback Circle City 14 Purple
Grace Regula AVC Cle 14 Red
Eva Clevenger Munciana 14 Chipmunks
Taylor McKenzie Adidas KiVA 14 Red
Kayleigh Rogers Adidas KiVA 14 Red
Avery Brannon Elevation 14 Molly
Lauren Sheldon Legacy 14-1 Adidas
Isabelle Haas NKYVC 14-1 Tsunami
Syliva Flood MKE Sting 14 Gold
Tegan Loechler MKE Sting 14 Gold

Ariana Hueter Boss Cle 14-1
Ja’maria Jackson Munciana 14 Chipmunks
Abbie Powell Munciana 14 Chipmunks
Sadie Ellis Elevation 14 Molly
Mia Schmitt Elevation 14 Molly
Lauren Williams Tri-State Elite 14 Blue

Charlee Groninger Circle City 14 Purple
Kaylie Liepins AVC Cle 14 Red
Kelsey Green Elevation 14 Molly
Payton Woodruff Legacy 14-1 Adidas
Lucy Waleskowski NKYVC 14-1 Tsunami
Madelyn Keipert NKYVC 14-1 Tsunami
Avary Brown Mintonette Sports m.41

Stella Hamood Circle City 14 Purple
Lola Loncar AVC Cle 14 Red
Brooke Neale Munciana 14 Chipmunks
Ashlyn Pelon Legacy 14-1 Adidas
Kenadi Sieg NKYVC 14-1 Tsunami
Carsyn Chitty Mintonette Sports m.41
Maggie Timmerman Tri-State Elite 14 Blue