Central Zone: 15 Open All Red Hat Team

It’s time for us to present our All Red Hat Team for 15 Open from the Central Zone Invitational this past weekend at the Indianapolis Convention Center. If you haven’t already checked out the Gold Medal Rundown, Day 1 Show Stoppers and Day 2 Show Stoppers, you can do so by clicking the links. Below, we present the All Red Hat Team for 15 Open. It’s our version of an All-Tournament team, featuring the players who made us take the most notice among the teams which finished in the Top 12.

17 Open All Red Hat Team 

16 Open All Red Hat Team

14 Open All Red Hat Team


Calli LeFevre Legacy 15-1 Adidas
Kate Kalcynski Legacy 15-1 Adidas
Sophia Smith Legacy 15-1 Adidas
Morgan Meiring Elevation 15 Tony
Maisie Jones Tri-State Elite 15 Blue
Makenna Meibers Tri-State Elite 15 Blue
Brooke Codey Adidas KiVA 15 Red
Lilah Anthony Adidas KiVA 15 Red
Lola Waleskowski NKYVC 15-1 Tsunami
Taylor Frey MAVA Adidas 15 Select
Allison Riegling MAVA Adidas 15 Select

Cynthia Ockerman Legacy 15-1 Adidas
Jillian Turvey Elevation 15 Tony
Charley Moeddel Tri-State Elite 15 Blue
Carsyn Comer Munciana 15 Blue
Emily Poteraj Adidas KiVA 15 Red
Macy Armstrong NKYVC 15-1 Tsunami
Lilly Tierney NKYVC 15-1 Tsunami

Marlie Smith Legacy 15-1 Adidas
Kendall Hubbard Elevation 15 Tony
Abby Keller Elevation 15 Tony
London Evans Munciana 15 Blue
Jacqueline Katuska NKYVC 15-1 Tsunami

Ali Strange Elevation 15 Tony
Lindsey Curless Elevation 15 Tony
Francesca Hansel Tri-State Elite 15 Blue
Lyndsey Robinson Munciana 15 Blue
Addison Knapke Mintonette Sports m.51
Rylee Jewell NKYVC 15-1 Tsunami