Vballrecruiter Player of the Week: McKinley Moser

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Growing up, McKinley Moser played basketball and soccer. However, being from Nebraska and attending Cornhuskers matches since she was young, there was another sport tugging at her heart.

“It was a tough decision but ultimately I really liked volleyball and I knew what it was going to be like,” said Moser, a 4-star setter from the Class of 2027. “When I started playing I really liked that it was a team sport and you can’t win by yourself. I really like that you and your teammates put in so much work together and that you can’t do anything without them.”

It wasn’t until last season during her 14s year that Moser focused primarily on setting. Early on during club she trained in every position. She hit on both the left and right sides and “for a while that’s all I wanted to do.”

“One of the coaches guided me in the setting direction because they said I had good hands,” Moser said. “I was definitely hesitant at first. I think it was mainly because setting is a lot of responsibility and I didn’t know if I was ready for all of that.”

It paid immediate dividends.

A year ago VCNebraska 14 Elite became the first team from the club to earn an Open bid.

“Last year I learned how to be a good leader,” Moser said. “I struggled with making mistakes and moving on. Mistakes are going to come, but learning from them and helping win the next point really helped.”

Moser followed that success by playing on varsity her freshman season at Waverly. The Vikings finished the year reaching the Class B state quarterfinals before falling to eventual champion Skutt Catholic. However, it was an adjustment for Moser, who went from a full-time player for club to taking on a defensive specialist role during high school.

“I learned to work hard and always support your teammates,” she said. “Sometimes you might not be first string or the starting setter, but you can help the team in as many ways as you can.”

Heading into her 15s season and coming off an Open appearance last summer, Moser and company set higher goals this go around. Among them was placing in the Top 5 at every qualifier they attend.

VCNebraska 15 Elite started off strong by finishing fifth place at the Sunshine Classic, though it wasn’t quite high enough to get a bid. That changed a couple weeks later when the squad took third at the Mideast Qualifier and ensured another trip to Open this summer. The team recently competed at Show Me, where it stayed on track with its goals by producing another third-place performance.

“Blake Rawlins started coaching us last year for 14s and he’s really helped the team and the club,” Moser said. “Our last qualifier was Show Me and now we are hoping to get in the gym as much as possible and continue to work hard. Hopefully, we can finish in the Top 10 at Nationals.”

When Moser isn’t playing volleyball she’s often watching it. Among the things she enjoys along with baking and hanging out with friends is staying on top of what’s happening at the collegiate level.

“I watch as many games as I can,” she said. “I know all the players on every roster. I really enjoying watching volleyball.”

As our featured Player of the Week sponsored by Dick’s Sporting Goods, we recently spoke with Moser about volleyball and more.

Who is a role model or someone you look up to?

Moser: Outside of volleyball my role model is my brother, Drew. He constantly shows me what hard work and determination looks like. He is a back-to-back state wrestling champion. Inside of volleyball is Nicklin Hames. She’s constantly overcome adversity like her height. She’s one of my biggest role models and to have her as a club coach and to be able to get to learn from her has been a dream.

If you could choose to do anything for a day, what would you do and why?

Moser: I would travel or go on a trip with my family because it creates so many long-lasting memories.

Other than volleyball, what skill would you most like to learn and why?

Moser: I would want to learn to do a backflip. I used to do gymnastics when I was younger. It would be a cool trick to know how to do.

Do you have any volleyball superstitions or rituals and if so what?

Moser: Yes I do. I always have to straighten my hair and wear a low ponytail. I also wear a certain knee pad on each knee.

Aside from basic necessities, what is one thing you could not go a day without?

Moser: Something I can’t go a day without is my family. They are my biggest supports and they do so much for me.

What is one thing that instantly makes your day better or makes you smile?

Moser: I would say my Shepadoodle, Murphy. He’s so cute and funny and never fails to make me laugh.

What’s one of your favorite ways to have fun?

Moser: One of my favorite ways to have fun is hanging out with my friends and just peppering or playing volleyball or watching college volleyball on TV with them.

Outside of volleyball what are you most passionate about and why?

Moser: Outside of volleyball I’m passionate about school and academics. I always strive for success in both school and volleyball.

What is one thing that may surprise people about you?

Moser: I have been to fascinating places like countries in Africa, South America and Europe.

If you could live anywhere you wanted, where would it be and why?

Moser: I would live in Hawaii because I’ve visited there many times. It’s incredibly beautiful and the people there are so friendly.

What’s your favorite food or foods?

Moser: One of my favorites is fettuccini alfredo or orange chicken. I could eat them every day and not get sick of it.

What’s your favorite number and why?

Moser: My favorite number has always been 1. It was the day I was born. My biggest role model Nicklin Hames also wore it.