USAV 16s: Day 4 All Red Hat Team

For the final time this club season we’ll release our All Red Hat Team from the 16s division, which came to a close Thursday at the USAV Girls Junior National Championships in Chicago. Arizona Storm 16 Thunder completed an undefeated run by downing 1st Alliance 16 Gold in a heavyweight championship clash for the gold medal. The win-or-lose nature of the gold bracket delivered unbelievable, highlight-worthy play. Below, we note our 10 favorite players of Day 4.


Teraya Sigler OH Arizona Storm 16 Thunder: A 5-star recent Nebraska commit, Sigler showed what type of special talent she is on the biggest of stages. She’s an all-around contributer who does everything at a high level. She’s a physical hitter with the capability of taking over matches. She produced over and over on Day 4 in helping Storm to the gold medal.

Abby Vander Wal OH 1st Alliance 16 Gold: Vander Wal – a 5-star Texas commit – did everything she could to put 1st Alliance on the brink of a gold medal. She has a big, strong arm and hammers balls all over. She’s long and one of the best back row attackers in the division with her length and ability to hit at high angles.

Natalie Wardlow MB Nebraska One 16 Synergy: Wardlow – a 5-star Wisconsin recruit – changes the whole dynamic of the front row. At 6-4, she’s by far the tallest player on the roster and has the ability to change momentum on either side. She has a strong arm and can send balls straight down. She also puts up a monster block and forces hitters to change direction.

Makena Rumple MB Arizona Storm 16 Thunder: Rumple was coming through at clutch moments with timely plays that helped Storm cap a perfect tournament. She knows how to score and provide what’s needed on that end. She does well timing her blocks and getting touches to also contribute on the defensive side.

Taylor Porter RS Hou Skyline 16 Royal: Porter – a 4-star recruit – was awesome on the right side. She’s a big jumper and free swinger who defenses must be prepared for. Along with her quickness, defenders struggled to contain her.

Addison Horner S/RS 1st Alliance 16 Gold: Horner – a 4-star Wisconsin commit – has tremendous upside and potential to star at the next level. She’s 6-3, with the ability to set and hit. She’s a solid setter who locates well. Her length as an attacker is a problem for defenses.

Charlotte Glass S Tribe 16 Elite Cardinal: A 5-star recruit, Glass is in total control of the offense and you can see the competitiveness that she plays with. She brings a lot of fire to the court. She’s a smooth disher on top of that, capable of making difficult sets with ease.

Malorie Boesiger S Nebraska One 16 Synergy: Boesiger is part of the Class of 2027 and does an incredible job guiding the attack. She’s a fearless leader who doesn’t shy away from the moment. She plays sound defense and can set with tempo and consistent location.

Izzy Mahaffey L Arizona Storm 16 Thunder: We love the spirit and desire Mahaffey plays with. There’s no question she wants to win and she does everything she can in her defensive role to make it happen. She did well patrolling the back court and making plays to extend rallies.

Aniya Warren L 1st Alliance 16 Gold: Warren was a strong in her role taking care of the back court. She didn’t rattle and held firm against the biggest hitters the division had to offer. She’s quick and flies around the court with her all-out effort and hustle plays.