Class of 2024: Player Rankings Update

As we head toward the final stage of the club season, with the last round of tournaments followed by AAUs and USAV national championships, we present our updated Player Rankings for the Class of 2024. We’ll release the rest of the classes in the following days. We start with the players whose star rankings changed, moving from either 4 to 5 stars or from 3 to 4 stars. That is followed by a list of new additions to the rankings. To view the full rankings, click here.

Athletes Rising To 5 Stars


Athletes Rising To 4 Stars



Abbie Creese MB Empowered 17 Elite Black

Alea Goolsby OH KC Power 17 Black

Alexa Strandberg OH AVC Cle 17 Red

Amar’e Stout RS Tx Performance 17s

Aubrey Goodere MB AZ Sky 17G

Audrey Waterman S MN Select 17-1

Ava Spachek OH Pohaku 17-1

Ava Vetter RS Adversity 17 Adidas

Bridget Woodruff RS Dakine Warriors 17 Surf

Caylan Russ L/DS OT 17 Felix

Chloe Pravednikov OH Seal Beach 17 Black

Coley Shiflet L/DS Triangle 17 Black

Ella Holloway RS Memphis VBA 17 Red

Ella Parker OH DCVC 17-1

Gwenyth Schiff RS Illini Elite 17 Cardinal

Hannah Byers S/RS DaKine Warriors 17 Surf

Havyn Rolle MB City 17 Gold

Jaden Hendrickson OH Absolute 17 Black

Kelsey Schenck S MAVS KC 17-1

Lauren Roediger MB MAVS KC 17-1

Mallorie Meyer L/DS VCNebraska 17 Elite

Olivia Hart OH OT 17 Aaron

Paige Bennett OH NorCal 17-1 Black

Petra Fritz OH DCVA 17 Hong

Regan Shields OH A4 17 Tyler

Sophia Iglesias S OT 16 Roberto

Sophia Matthews L/DS Triangle 17 Black

Sophia Wolfson MB SG Elite 17 Rosh

Tea Bosanac MB DaKine Warriors 17 Surf

Tessa Hurley L/DS Seal Beach 17 Black

Victoria Leyva L/DS TX Performance 17-1s

Zada Sanger OH Absolute 17 Black