Class of 2023: Player Rankings Update (FREE) launched in March with our initial player rankings. The time has come to update them, starting below with the Class of 2023. The free article is broken down into three parts. Part one features players whose rankings have changed since March. This includes players who have moved up from 3-stars to 4-stars and from 4-stars to 5-stars. The second part highlights players who have been added to the rankings who were not part of the initial list and now have a star ranking. The final part lists the remaining players who appear in our rankings. They are players who were already ranked and whose ranking did not change. While the article is free for all to view, we do not list the actual star rankings of any player. You’ll need a subscription in order to see those, plus gain access to everything we do from indoor, to beach, to boys.

Let’s take a quick moment to share some background on the player rankings. We decided to use star rankings in similar fashion to the way they are used in sports like football and basketball. We went this route instead of using a numbered rankings system because we feel it’s easier to relate to and eliminates the minutiae of sorting through hundreds of players who are very similar in talent. For example, when releasing a list of top players from 1-100 there are only so many 5-star recruits. The football site 247Sports features just 32, 5-star recruits from each class. The Class of 2023 below contains 29 5-star recruits. The Class of 2023 has roughly 75 4-star recruits, while there are approximately 300 3-star recruits. Rather than debate the difference between a player being No. 18, No. 28 or No. 38, or No. 68, No. 78 or No. 88 we felt it was easier to relate to 3, 4 or 5-star rankings while also giving a more relatable context when it comes to recruiting classes. If a college program lands three 5-star recruits needless to say that’s an incredible class.

Lastly, players are listed with the club they played for this past club season. We know some have made switches. Please email with any changes, corrections and/or updates. Club directors and club coaches are welcome to email with any players not appearing on the list who they feel should be considered for a star ranking.


Players listed alphabetically by first name

Allison Berent, L/DS, L2

Allison Cavanaugh, RS, OTVA

Betsy Goodenow, RS, MAVS KC

Brooke Bultema, MB, Elevation

Cayla Payne, MB, Wave

Gabriela Cornier, L/DS, A5

Grace Egan, OH, 1st Alliance

Kamryn Lee-Caracci, MB, 1st Alliance

Kate Simington, MB, MN Select

Kate Thibault, L/DS, MN Select

Kennedy Phelan, S, Ozark Juniors

Kira Holland, OH, AVC Cle

Lauryn Bowie, RS, Mintonette

Mia Lee, MB, Club V

Reagan Fox, OH, KC Power

Safi Hampton, OH, Metro

Samantha Hoppes, RS, Drive Nation

Zeta Washington, MB, OTVA

Zoe Rachow, S, Coast



Players listed alphabetically by first name

Alexandra Farquhar, RS, Absolute

Annika Sokol, S/RS, Co Jrs

Arleigh Hanson, S, Metro

Audrey Ross, OH, NorCal

Ava Marie Lange, OH/RS, Sunshine

Avery Bolles, OH, MN Select

Avery Jones, RS, Sunshine

Avery Van Hook, S, Iowa Rockets

Bianka Lulic, MB, Coast

Brooklyn Briscoe, MB, Coast

Brooklyn Fuchs, MB, Premier Nebraska

Brooklyn Yelland, L/DS, Coast

Brynn Covell, S, Academy Diamond

Brynne McGhie, S, Dynasty

Cameron Berger, S, Vital

Carly Sciborski, RS, Academy Diamond

Chloe Wilmot, S, Paramount

Claire Mrukowski, RS, Elite VBTC

Courtney O’Brien, OH, Hou Skyline

Cristin Cline, S, CUVC

Dior Charles, MB, Sunshine

Drew Wright, L/DS/OH, Sunshine

Ella Gaona, L/DS, HPSTL

Ella Scott, L/DS, Tstreet

Elle Patterson, OH, Rev

Emily Fowler, OH, OTVA

Emma Donley, OH, Rage Westside

Gabby Dean, MB, Team Indiana

Gabriella Placide, RS, Co Jrs

Grace Albaugh, OH, OTVA

Grace Thrower, OH, Sunshine

Havannah Hoeft, S, Rage Westside

Iyanna Garvin, MB, A5

Jahniya Jackson, OH, SynergyForce

Jaya Johnson, MB, PVA

Julia Kane, L/DS, Top Select

Julia Waugh, OH, CUVC

Kaia Mateo, S, NYC Juniors

Kamryn Gibadlo, RS, AZ Storm

Katerina Lutz, L/DS, Wave

Kaylin Daniels, MB, HJV

Kennedy Martin, RS, FC Elite

Koko Kirsch, L/DS, Wave

Kyanna Creecy, MB, Excel

Madison Gravlee, OH, High Tide

Makena Lim, L/DS, A4

Margo Kemp, MB, EC Power

Mary Healy, RS, Absolute

Melie Vaioleti, L/DS, Ku’Ikahi

Morgan Burke, S/RS, NE Elite

Nicole Feliciano, S/RS, Tstreet

Nikki Quinn, S, Wave

Paige Buzzerio, OH, A4

Remi Madison, OH, Mich Elite

Romani Thurman, RS, Elite

Ryleigh Patterson, MB/RS, Wave

Shanelle Puetz, S, Wave

Sophia Gregoire-Salagean, OH, OJVA

Stella Adeymi, OH, Premier Nebraska

Sydney Lewis, L/DS, OTVA

Taylor McNear, L/DS, CHAVC

Tehani Ulufatu, L/DS, Absolute



Players listed alphabetically by first name

Addison Benson, OH, Legacy (CA)

Alanna Bankston, OH, Premier Nebraska

Alayna Pearson, L/DS, KC Power

Alayna Tessena, OH, CVC

Alessia Brown, MB, A4

Alexa Trapani, L/DS, Sunshine

Alexandra Chandler, MB, SynergyForce

Ali Wiest, OH, AZ Storm

Aliyah Waldon, OH, No Name

Allie Hazelwood, S, Infinity

Alyssa Eimer, L/DS, SynergyForce

Alyssa Gonzales, OH/RS, SynergyForce

Alyssa Manitzas, L/DS, Alamo

Amanda Otten, S, Team One

Ameena Campbell, OH, Long Beach

Amelia Nott, MB, Elevation

Andi Jackson, RS, The Diff

Aniya Madkin, OH, Infinity

Ariana Brown, OH, Willowbrook

Arianna Gonzalez, OH, UEPA

Arissa Smith, MB, HJV

Arya Jue, L/DS, A5

Ashley Evans, MB, Top Select

Ashley Li, OH, Tstreet

Ashley Mullen, S, Dynasty

Ashlyn Reeves, MB, MAVS KC

Aubriegh Oswald, MB, Far Out

Auburn Tomkinson, RS, Wave

Audrey Armbruster, S, Elevation

Audrey Brown, OH, Legacy

Audrey Clark, S, TAV

Aureana Fisher, MB, Caroline Rogue

Ava Blascziek, S, Northern Lights

Ava Bogan, MB, 1st Alliance

Ava Carney, OH, Pitt Elite

Ava Hoying, OH, Mintonette

Ava Leahy, MB, CUVC

Ava Martindale, L/DS, TAV Houston

Ava Norris, L/DS, KiVA

Ava Roth, L/DS, Rockwood Thunder

Ava Sarafa, S, Mich Elite

Ava Schabes, S, 1st Alliance

Ava Siefke, OH, NKYVC

Ava Smith, OH, Circle City

Ava Testrake, OH, KC Power

Ava Wallis, S, Top Select

Avah Armour, OH/RS, Co Jrs

Avery Burks, OH, Aspire

Avery Hales, S, Dunes

Avery Hobson, OH, AVC Cle

Avery Palmateer, S, Far Out

Avery Wilks, MB, Houston Stellar

Becca Kelley, OH, Skyline

Becky Barrett, L/DS, Illini Elite

Bella LePore, L/DS, Alliance

Bella Wynja, MB, The Academy

Bergen Reilly, S, Kairos Elite

Bianna Muoneke, OH, HJV

Blaire Bayless, OH, Madfrog

Breana Pelbath, MB, AJV

Brenna Rowland, MB, AZ Sky

Brianna Mahoney, OH, Caroline Rogue

Brielle Kemavor, MB, Metro

Brooke Bentke, OH, Hou Skyline

Brooklyn DeLeye, OH, Topeka Impact

Caitlyn Clancy, L/DS, Co Jrs

Caitlyn Little, OH, Rockwood Thunder

Callie Kieffer, S, Drive Nation

Calissa Minatee, MB, Dynasty

Cameron Lanier, MB, CHAVC

Camryn Wise, MB, Munciana

Carly Greskovics, L/DS, Sunshine

Caroline Hilbrich, OH, Union

Caroline Jurevicius, OH, AVC Cle

Carrina Barron, L/DS, Smash

Cassidy Hartman, OH/MB, Six Pack

Catherine Burke, MB, Adversity

Ceci Gooch, RS, Drive Nation

Chareika Carrion, RS, SouthCoast

Charli Morris, RS, Carolina Rogue

Chloe Chicoine, OH, Circle City

Cindy Tchouangwa, OH, HJV

Claire Dewine, S, HJV

Claire Little, OH, Coast

Courtney Pope, MB, TCVA

Deanna Dollar, OH, SG Elite

Destiny Ndam-Simpson, OH, Premier Nebraska

Eimy Negron, L/DS, Top Select

Ella Busey, OH, Madfrog

Ella Chapman, MB, Circle City

Ella Folse, OH, Hou Skyline

Ella Murphy, OH, Munciana Indy

Ella Schomer, RS, Mich Elite

Elle Patterson, OH, Rev

Ellie Schneider, MB, NOLA

Elinor Engel, MB, PVA

Ella Swindle, S, KC Power

Ellie Mattox, S, AJV

Eloise Brandewie, MB, Mintonette

Eloise McGibben, MB/RS, Sunshine

Elsa McDermott, L/DS, OJVA

Emilee Hill, S, Munciana

Emily Contreras, L/DS, AJV

Emily Honzelka, MB, MKE Sting

Emily Lavin, OH, MVP

Emily Matias, OH/MB, Miami Elite

Emily Simmons, OH, TAV

Emily Wen, S, Sunshine

Emma Halstead, OH, Alamo

Emma Wegleitner, OH, SA Magic

Emory Hinckley, S, Skyline

Erica Washington, OH, SA Jrs

Erin Kline, S, Legacy

Erin McNair, OH, Front Range

Eryn Jones, RS, AZ Rev

Eva Rohrbach, MB, Wave

Eva Travis, OH, Tstreet

Fatimah Hall, S, Long Beach

Frances Torres-Esperanza, RS, Metro

Gabby Allen, L/DS, Metro

Gabby Gilbert, OH, Rev

Gabriela Zovko, S, Smash

Gabriella Durham, OH, Mintonette

Gabrielle Gerry, MB, KiVA

Gabrielle LeBlanc, S, AZ Storm

Gabrielle Moulton, S, Mintonette

Gigi Navarrete, L/DS, 1st Alliance

Grace Heaney, RS, Premier Nebraska

Grace Maria, OH, VA Jrs

Grace Purichia, S, Union

Hailey Garza, L/DS, SA Magic

Haley Gill, L/DS, Paramount

Halle Schroder, OH, Drive Nation

Hannah Gonzalez, MB, Skyline

Hannah Howard, OH/L/DS, Paramount

Hannah Pfiffner, MB, TAV

Hannah Smith, S, Houston Stellar

Hannah Whittingsall, MB, Alamo

Harley Kreck, S, Skyline

Harper Murray, OH, Legacy

Haiti Tautua’a, S, Spike and Serve

Helen Wilford, MB, Triangle

India Gantt, MB, SA Jrs

Ioana Asiata, OH, Club V

Isabel Woo, L/DS, TCVA

Isabelle Van De Wiele, MB, Iowa Select

Ivey Stocks, MB, Tri-State Elite

Jacey Anama, OH, Far Out

Jada James, OH, Adversity

Jaida Harris, OH, Top Flight

Jaida Sione, OH/RS, Drive Nation

Jaidyn Garcia, RS, A5

JaNyah Henderson, MB, Rev

Jenna Garza, S, Alamo

Jenna McMichael, L/DS, Skyline

Jessica Drapp, L/DS, Tri-State Elite

Jessica Gutridge, L/DS, Mintonette

Jessica Pickett, MB, The Academy

Jessica Shattles, S, OTVA

Jocelyn Nathan, L/DS, East Coast Power

Jonna Spohn, L/DS, Mintonette

Jordan Heatherly, S, 1st Alliance

Jordyn Byrd, OH, No Name

Jordyn Dailey, MB, CHAVC

Jordyn Harvey, OH, Club V

Julia Blyashov, OH, Wave

Julia Kinney, OH, Dynasty

Juliette Myrick, S, Rockwood Thunder

Jurnee Robinson, OH, A5

Kaieva Johnson, L/DS, Club V

Kaitlyn Sellner, MB, Northern Lights

Kalia Kohler, S, Club V

Kalliann Cook, L/DS, Mich Elite

Kamile Gibson, OH, TAV

Kamryn Hunt, OH, Legacy

Karis Willow, OH, Impact

Karissa Fortune, OH, MKE Sting

Karly Wells, OH, Skyline

Kate Hansen, MB, TAV

Kate Peterson, S, PVA

Katelyn Cochran, S/RS, SynergyForce

Katherine Boney, S, A5

Katrina Misra, OH/RS, Game Point

Kayla Hostetler, L/DS, NKYVC

Kayla Lopez, OH, AJV

Kaylee Finnegan, S, TVC

Kea Whillock, L/DS, Drive Nation

Keira Kruk, OH/RS, USA South

Kendal Murphy, OH, AZ Rev

Kenna Buchanan, OH, Skyline

Kenna Wollard, OH, Illini Elite

Kennedy McCants, MB, Carolina Rogue

Kennedy Wagner, OH, 1st Alliance

Kierstyn Barton, RS, Aspire

Kindell Welker, MB, Top Select

Kira Hutson, OH, Team One

Kitana Tuufuli, OH, SA Magic

Krista Dooley, OH, Skyline

Kyndal Stowers, OH, TAV

Kyra Hampton, S, Alliance

Lakin Laurendine, OH, Infinity

Landry McEachern, L/DS, Drive Nation

Laney Choboy, L/DS, NC Volleyball Academy

Laney Klika, L/DS, AVC Cle

Laurece Abraham, MB, Legacy

Lauren Brooker, S, Sunshine

Lauren Ingram, OH, Skyline

Lauren Murphy, OH, AJV

Lauren Yacobucci, S AVC Cle

Layne Witherspoon, MB, Rockwood Thunder

Leah Ford, MB, Drive Nation

Lexi Thatcher, S, The Academy

Lexi Yoza, S, AZ Rev

Lillian Mueller, MB, Sky High

Lily Barry, OH, Illini Elite

Lily Hopkins, L/DS, HJV

Lily Nicholson, S, Drive Nation

Lindsey Green, OH/MB, Elevation

Lindsey Korn, L/DS

Liv Beckish, MB, The Diff

Logan Brannan, OH, AJV

Logan Carr, MB, Madfrog

Lois Hansen, S/RS, Tstreet

Luca Fickell, S, Tri-State Elite

Lucy Arndt, OH, VC United

Lyric Berry, MB, Madfrog

Madalynn Briggs, S, Willowbrook

Maddie Paulsen, MB, Kairos Elite

Maddy  McGath, MB, MKE Sting

Madeline Snider, RS, No Name

Madie Whitehead, OH, Houston Stellar

Madison Derby, L/DS, Far Out

Madisyn Jones, S, SA Magic

Maeve Welsh, S, Adversity

Maggie Duyos, S, Sky High

Maia Niemen, OH, Tstreet

Makya Clayton, L/DS/OH, PVA

Mamie Krubally, RS, TAV

Margo Hernandez, S, Rev

Maria Filippova, RS, Metro

Maya Jones, OH, Alamo

McKenna Gildon, L/DS, TAV

McKenzie Laubach, OH/MB, Top Select

McKenzie Schoenhardt, L/DS, AZ Storm

Mele Corral-Blagojevich, OH, Long Beach

Meredith Brown, MB, Union

Mia Reese, OH, Alliance

Mia Tuman, S, Pitt Elite

Milan Rex, S, Metro

Miller Mcdonald, S, Madfrog

Molly Tuozzo, L/DS, Hou Skyline

Molly Urban, L/DS, Circle City

Mya Ayro, OH, The Academy

Nadia Woodrow, S, Elite VBTC

Naija Gadis, S, Munciana

Natalie Hughes, OH, Madfrog

Nayeli Gonzalez, OH, Alamo

Neele’ge’ Sims, MB, Mich Elite

Neomi Beach, OH, Aspire

Nicole Mauser, OH, Drive Nation

Nina Horning, OH, Legacy

Noemie Glover, RS, Coast

Nya Bunton, MB, KiVA

Olivia Babcock, RS, Sunshine

Olivia Fenstermaker, L/DS, Elite VBTC

Olivia Fish, OH/RS, KiVA

Olivia Gardner, MB, Legacy

Olivia Ruy, RS, Club V

Olivia Tukuafu, S, Aspire

Paige Demosthenes, OH, The Diff

Paige Spanbauer, L/DS, Carolina Rogue

Pamela McCune, MB, Metro

Paulina Marino-Bindi, S, Brooklyn Elite

Payton Tully, RS, A4

Piper Stephenson, OH, HJV

Quinci Thomas, RS, Circle City

Rachel Townsend, OH, Legacy

Rachelle Reed, OH, Houston Stellar

Raegan Lantz, OH, MVA

Ramsey Gary, L/DS, Munciana

Reagan Barth, OH, MAVC KC

Reagan Engler, MB, Skyline

Rebecca Watkins, S, A5

Reese Robins, MB, Drive Nation

Riley Tucker, MB, Triangle

Rylee Johnson, OH/RS, OTVA

Rylee Nelson, L/DS, Northern Lights

Saige Damrow, L/DS, FC Eite

Samantha Gloria, OH, AZ Sky

Samarah DaCoud, OH, Seal Beach

Sarah Gooch, OH, Top Select

Sarah Vellucci, L/DS, Legacy

Savannah Ivie, L/DS, Madfrog

Shaye Koski, OH, MAVS 816

Shelby Gorospe, MB, AZ Rev

Shelby Porter, RS, MVA

Sidney Shaffer, MB, Tstreet

Simone Barlow, OH, Triangle

Sophia Anghilante, MB, AVC Cle

Sophia Carlson, OH, Academy Diamond

Stella Winterfeld, OH, Kairos Elite

Stephanie Gutierrez, MB, TAV

Sunni Sheppard, L/DS, Infinity

Sydney Bold, L/DS, Coast

Sydney Breissinger, L/DS, Elevation

Sydney Breon, OH, TAV

Sydney Dunning, OH, Co Jrs

Sydney Helmers, OH, KiVA

Sydney Jordan, OH, HJV

Sydney Schnichels, RS, MN Select

Sydney Nolan, OH, NKYVC

Sydney Wake, RS, AVC Cle

Sydnie Vanek, OH, VVA

Sylvie Zgonc, OH, MKE Sting

Symone Sims, L/DS, Skyline

Tatum Holderied, MB, Northeast

Tatum Longnecker, S, Arizona Storm

Taylor Anderson, S, Alamo

Taylor Pecht, S, A5

Taylor Polivka, S, Excel

Taylor Tetzlaff, OH, MKE Sting

Tess Fuqua, OH, Texas Performance

Torrey Stafford, OH, Sunshine

Victoria Creason, S, MAVS 816

Victoria Davis, MB, Legacy (CA)

Victoria Hall, S, Illini Elite

Whitney Woodrow, S, KiVA

Zoe Cooper, L/DS, Union

Zoe Winford, L/DS, TAV

Zoey Henson, OH, Seal Beach